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Times Industry

As the wholly owned subsidiary of Times China Holdings Limited (01233.HK), Times Industrial Group is committed to be the top industry and property operator in China for the construction of new urbanization and smart city. We have been seeking the synergistic development of industry, science and technology, innovation, ecology and residential life, and building the modern urban service system that integrates industry, urban amenities, humanity and culture to facilitate the regional industrial upgrading and urban renewal.

Times Industry
Times Industry

Times Smart Town

Times Smart Town is an integrated town of future. Located closely to the primate or top secondarycities within one-hour car journey to the downtown, it has sophisticated industrial chain or clusters in the area ofone to three square kilometers, in which R&D, education, medical care, business, entertainment and housing are supported. It is a vibrant E-town of industry, inhabitation, humanity and culture.


Vibrancy、Self-sustaining ecosystem、Low-carbon footprint、Intelligence、Value-creation partners

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