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Times Neighborhood GroupTimes Neighborhood is a comprehensive technological community servicesoperation that brings together property services, intelligent buildings,financial operation, and research and development. Times Neighborhood iscomprised of five subsidiaries: Times Property Management Co., Ltd. (aspecialist in property-management services), Times Neighborhood NetworkTechnology Co., Ltd. (community-based O2O), Neighborhood IntelligentEngineering Co., Ltd. (intelligent household life and intelligent livingenvironment), Times Credit & Financing Co., Ltd. (community-based financeand wealth management) and Times Management Academy (professional education).By creating a comprehensive life-service platform, Times Neighborhood heralds anew expression of intelligence and convenience while providing all-round lifeservices to cover accommodation, dining/catering, tourism, wealth management,education, health and elderly care.

Times Neighborhood, in its dedication to the business themeof "lifetime, wholehearted care for you," places equal emphasis oncustomer experience and product quality. With "high-quality service +much-needed products + home life as a platform", the operation hasgenerated a full-lifecycle "1 + N" industry chain based on propertyservices, whereby it continues to enhance product quality while developingproducts and services to meet and exceed customer expectations. TimesNeighborhood's objective is to be the leading provider of comprehensivecommunity services in China, so that all of its customers can enjoy life more fully.

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